PIM is a standard software package designed to manage the data of a catalog of technical products variables data in order to publish content across different media as an interactive electronic catalog or on the Internet or a catalog.

The main features of PIM are:
  • WebEdit is 100% Web-based:
    It requires no installation on client computers and can be used through the Internet or company extranet.
  • Built for large sets:
    The architecture and techniques used guarantee consistent performance even on very large sets of hundreds of thousands of items.
  • Powerful:
    Advanced features are available as built-in editing of dynamic arrays, an Excel interface, automatic processing of desktop publishing formats of pictures.
  • Friendly:
    WebEdit offers a user-friendly interface that combines the best ergonomic practices of Windows applications (drag & drop, right button etc …) with common practices of the web world
  • Economic:
    Exclusive use of “open-source” components keeps the cost of using the PIM particularly affordable. The ergonomics of the interface minimize training costs and learning curve.
  • Easy to integrate into your IT architecture:
    PIM can communicate in real time with your ERP by WebServices. Integration with satellite modules doesn’t need imports or exports. If replicated, it is smart and only transfers changes (at record level) of both data and images.