Leaflet versions

  1. Leaflet Designer
    This is the interactive version of Leaflet that looks like a standard desktop publishing software. Leaflet Designer allows you to design a document from A to Z and to output to the most appropriate media. This is the basic version that allows you to draw the dynamic templates and test with real-time data from the online database. Once they are developed, documents can be generated either with Leaflet Designer interactively or with a Leaflet “Server” or “PowerServer”.
  2. Leaflet Server
    When the layout of the documents to be generated can be fully automated, you can enjoy all the benefits of Leaflet in your existing applications, from simple (a visual basic script for example) to more sophisticated (ERP, websites or management content). The data provided by these applications to the Leaflet Server are then merged with the templates previously designed in Leaflet Designer. Users can continue to work in their applications, while taking advantage of multiple layout variations that make Leaflet unique. Leaflet Server can publish just a single page or an entire catalog according to the flatplan submitted. The request is processed instantly. Therefore, the published content reflects exactly the state of the database at the time of query. You can, for example, show real-time stock levels or customer specific prices on offers. Leaflet Server can be added to an existing Leaflet Designer licence or run on its own.
  3. Leaflet PowerServer
    The PowerServer works according to the same principle as the Server, but is more powerful. With its fully multi-tasking architecture the Powerserver of Leaflet can process several transactions simultaneously. This is the appropriate choice for demanding environments such as websites for which we expect a maximum throughput and short response times.