B2B catalog

Products ranges and their characteristics change more quickly.

A good catalog must keep pace without concessions to the layout. The catalog is part of the corporate image.

The latest trends are :
  • Split-up of the general catalog into smaller thematic catalogs.
  • Increase of publication frequency, production and distribution costs.
  • Display list prices.
  • Multilingual publications.
  • Interactive catalog everywhere : on the Internet, tablets and smartphones.

Database publishing

For a quality publication use of desktop publishing software such as Adobe InDesign is a must.

“Database publishing” connects the DTP software to the database of the company in which the products are already making up the catalog.

The stated objectives of database publishing is to generate documents :
  • Faster:
    With the (semi-) automatic generation of pages a complete catalog can be generated in a few hours, one page in seconds. The program takes care of the layout, this gives you time to focus on the content.
  • Cheaper:
    Time savings, automation and reduced proofreading needs result in reduced layout costs per page. On the other hand you can make the layout of your documents in full autonomy even with very small teams. This way you can obtain better quotes for the printing and distribution of documents and also substantially reduce outsourced expenses.
  • No errors
    The direct connection to the database will increase the relevance of published data and remove any transcription error. Errors detected in proofreading documents are corrected in the database and thus benefit to all dependent processes.

Opting for database publishing is to meet the current challenges within available budgets.


The integrated solution for multi-channel on-demand publishing of your professional catalogs.