Personalized offers and tariffs

At the time of the Internet and ubiquitous computers, customers expect to receive custom tariffs and offers without delay. All information is available in computers, but putting them together is often too tedious facing the flow of new requests.

The promises of office automation tools are not kept and at the end things are often more complicated than it first seems.

The result can lead to :
  • Prospects and customers disappointed or not served in time.
  • Documents containing information, but poorly formatted by hand.
  • Errors in additions and other formulas.
  • Incomplete documents because not including all the available attachments.

On demand publishing

On demand publishing automates the processing of data and can do for documents of any size.

Each document is unique and exactly meets the needs of the moment.

Here are the ingredients of an efficient on demand publishing tool :
  • Integrated into your existing IT environment.
  • Processing speed compatible with the workload.
  • Extensive automation of the production of documents.
  • Versatility in layout to address all possible scenarios.
  • Professional grade of image and related documents processing.


The integrated solution for multi-channel publishing on-demand.