Magento, the market leading B2C webshop

Magento presents a public interactive catalog on the web. Registered users have access to net prices and stocks and can place an order or a price request for an assisted sale.

What distinguishes Magento from other webshops :
  • Multiple Search:
    The combination of four complementary research methods reduces the time browsing through large assortments. These four modes are:
    1. Classification.
    2. “Fulltext” search like Google.
    3. Predictive parametric search.
    4. The cloud of keywords.
  • Parametric predictive search:
    If your items have characteristics related to the category they belong to, parametric searching is used to filter the values ​​found in the current selection of heterogeneous products. Because search is predictive, only the relevant values ​​will be displayed along with the number of items matching the filter.
  • Fast:
    WebShop advanced technology make response times possible that promote the adoption of WebShop as the first tool of consultation and ordering.
  • Real-time integration:
    The systematic implementation of WebServices authorizes the provision of personalized pricing and consulting of real-time inventory. Orders and requests for quotations are sent instantly to allow assisted sales at a distance.
  • Economic:
    Exclusive use of “open-source” components keeps the cost of using the PIM particularly affordable. The ergonomics of the interface minimize training costs and learning curve.
  • Intelligent synchronization:
    Sync between WebShop and PIM is smart and only transfers atomic changes in the data and images.

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