Leaflet options

Page layouts made ​​with Leaflet can be exported to a wide range of media.

Most templates designed with Leaflet can be exported as such to the medium of your choice. The notion of context extends the possibilities for specific features in each environment. For example it is possible to manage in a single document the bleed and CMYK for print media next to hyperlinks or zoom for interactive documents in HTML5.

The following outputs are available as options :
  1. PDF Acrobat
    Supports both the creation of high-resolution CMYK files (with support of spot colors) for printing as electronic PDFs enriched with several interactive features such as internal and external hyperlinks, zoom, thumbnails, etc. PDFs can be encrypted.
  2. HTML5
    For interactive documents on tablets or the web. With the latest developments for a better rendering of more elaborate pages. The solution to make large documents available on tablets without using Flash or PDF. The documents are directly accessible on the web without installing a special “app”.
  3. Adobe Indesign
    To finalize the layout freely while keeping the ability to refresh selected data via a smart XML link.
  4. And also…

    EPS : vector output of a page or a selection. Often reused in other DTP software.

    Bitmap (jpg, png, bmp, tif) : to generate in real time thumbnails of document parts (page or object selection).

    Word : used in environments where the flow of text processing is preferred to positioning of graphical objects as in DTP.