Magento B2B

What does Magento B2B bring?

If you have professional customers, the B2B version of the Magento webshop is made for them.

Why Magento B2B is aimed at business customers? 

Magento B2B is designed to meet the specific needs of business-to-business transactions, offering features such as customization of assortments, pricing and promotions, management of customer accounts, integration of management systems, management of inventory, quotes and payment options tailored to businesses.

  • Specific functions of Magento B2B:
    1. Personalized catalog: A B2B webshop allows companies to personalize their catalog of products or services according to their specific needs. This means that each customer can only see articles relevant to their industry or business.
    2. Personalized pricing : Prices in a B2B webshop may vary depending on purchase volume, order frequency, customer relationship, etc. The system is capable of managing personalized rates for each customer.
    3. Receivable accounts and order approval: Businesses often need to manage multiple users within their organization, each with specific permissions. Magento B2B allows the creation of customer accounts, the management of roles and authorizations, as well as the approval of orders by managers.
    4. Integration with management systems: Magento B2B integrates with company management systems, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and accounting. This makes it easier to manage inventory, invoicing, customer management, etc.
      Tetrasoft has also developed an automatic interface between Pimcore and Magento.
    5. Quote Management: B2B companies often need to generate quotes before placing an order. Magento B2B allows the creation, management and conversion of quotes into orders.
    6. Advanced inventory management: Inventory management in a B2B environment can be complex due to large volumes and varied products. The webshop must enable advanced inventory management, including restock notifications and stock reservations.
    7. Customizing payment options: Businesses may have specific payment requirements, such as credit terms, installment payments, or bank transfer payments. Magento B2B offers customizable payment options.
    8. Dedicated customer support: With Magento B2B dedicated customer support is offered to answer questions, resolve issues and facilitate the ordering process.