Pimcore-Magento plug & play interface

Marrying the Pimcore PIM and the Magento webshop is a natural move. They share the same philosophy, the same technology and similar user base. Nonetheless letting them talk together can be a challenge, which Tetrasoft has taken on.

We propose this unique combination at an attractive package price with outstanding functionality and performance. Tetrasoft has invested a lot of know-how into an easy and automatic interface of product related data to Magento.

Currently the following features are supported:
  • Multilingual
  • All magento product types
  • Magento categories
  • Magento attributes
  • All Pimcore field types
  • Multiple webshops with specific assortment at once
  • "Smart" sync of changes only for data and media
  • "Turbo" import for mass updates within record times

Would you like a price indication for your specific situation? Please contact us. We are happy to think along with you!